Re: Singularity awareness

From: BillK (
Date: Mon Jun 05 2006 - 01:58:47 MDT

On 6/3/06, Joel Pitt wrote:
> There was an interview with Hugo de Garis on Coast to Coast radio that
> I managed to get an mp3 copy of.
> During it they mentioned there was something like 5 million listeners.
> They even conducted a poll - 56% were "Terrans" (opposed to building
> god-like intelligence) and 44% were "Cosmists" (for building god-like
> intelligence). This really surprised me that the "for" side were such
> a large percentage.

The very popular George Noory fantasy-laden show is for fans of the
paranormal, occult, psychics and associated nonsensical weird stuff.

Five million listeners doesn't mean five million votes in the poll.
Their Fast Blast polls always have at least 50% in favour of whatever
nonsense is the subject of that night's show. The same loons that
voted for 'Cosmists' will also vote for the Second Coming, or psychics
talking to dead people.


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