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Date: Sat Jun 03 2006 - 12:03:38 MDT

At 12:36 PM 6/3/2006 -0400, you wrote:
>CyTG wrote:
>>Im usually a silent reader of this list, and while im a
>>singularity-sceptic i rarely speak up on it, because i figure my own
>>homemade-grown thinktank is just that, one mans uneducated point of view
>>(im a programmer, fiddling with a little ai from time to time, hardly
>>qualifies me for anything!).
>>Now when someone states something like
>>"In my estimate, the implementation in neural hardware is not necessary,
>>and I believe that we have the hardware to do it now. In fact, I think
>>we have had that hardware for about a decade. That is a rough estimate
>>based on my understanding of human cognitive architecture, and my take
>>on what the design of the first successful AGI will be like."
>>Im curious, what qualifies you guys to make such a statement ?
>>Dont get me wrong, if its just the product of your own
>>"uneducated"-homegrown thinktank, thats quite fine, but one could also
>>get the impression that you're workign with/educated in the field of
>>CS/AI and/or an aspect of the human psyche.
>>Just curious :o)
>Easy: Approximately 25 years experience as a cognitive science researcher
>and software engineer, specializing in the AI/neural network/machine
>learning field.
>I would be the first to emphasize that what I said above is *my*
>assessment, and I know that many disagree with it. But we each bring a
>different perspective to the field.

I consider the full scale simulation of every nerve cell to be a worst case
"proof of principle." It may take a lot less, but if you accept that human
brains have intelligence, then a sufficiently detailed simulation of one
should also exhibit the property.

Last time I did the calculation, considered at the cortical column level
and requiring one square cm of silicon to duplicate the function of a
column, it came out to be about 150 m of silicon on a side and ate the
output of a substantial power plant.

Keith Henson

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