Re: ESSAY: Forward Moral Nihilism (EP)

Date: Sat May 13 2006 - 11:25:01 MDT

Quoting Phillip Huggan <>:

> So what? It is possible to recognize the artificial structures of one's
> pysche and replace them with your own.

Yes, at least to a certain extent. The 'artificial structures' were learned
through social interaction, so can likely be unlearned.

> It is how children learn Santa is not
> real. If you don't know how to apply this to your own mind, save up to see a
> pyschoanalyst.


> You are defining all of Morality as one particular Utilitarianism
> derivative. Learn some philosophy before spamming an AGI list with mistaken
> premises.

No, I believe kants moral system, judeo-christian morality (to cite a few) are
also included in this definition. Whilst they may have slightly differeing
basis, people ultimately use them to rationalise their compassion and/or
follow them out of social conformity.

> wrote:
> No, we evolved the emotion compassion, and emotional social conformity. We
> then built pseudo-rational, artificial, moral systems on top of this.
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