Re: [agi] the Singularity Summit and regulation of AI

From: Ben Goertzel (
Date: Wed May 10 2006 - 07:28:51 MDT

On 5/10/06, Bill Hibbard <> wrote:
> I am concerned that the Singularity Summit will not include
> any speaker advocating government regulation of intelligent
> machines. The purpose of this message is not to convince you
> of the need for such regulation, but just to say that the
> Summit should include someone speaking in favor of it.

> The Singularity Summit should include all points of
> view, including advocates for regulation of intelligent
> machines. It will weaken the Summit to exclude this
> point of view.

In fairness to the organizers, I would note that it is a brief event
and all possible points of view cannot possibly be represented within
such a brief period of time.

As an aside, I certainly would have liked to be invited to speak
regarding the implication of AGI for the Singularity, but I understand
that they simply had a very small number of speaking slots: it's a
one-day conference.....

I agree that if they have a series of similar events, then in time one
of them should include someone advocating government regulation of
intelligent machines, as this is a meaningful viewpoint deserving to
be heard. I don't agree that this issue is sooooo high-priority that
leaving it out of this initial one-day event is a big problem...

-- Ben G

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