Re: Changing the value system of FAI

Date: Sun May 07 2006 - 10:46:01 MDT

Really ?
The problem I haven't been able to solve is *rigorously* describing how
a classical Bayesian expected utility maximizer would make changes to
its own source code, including the source code that changes the code;
that is, there would be some set of code that modified itself.

Classical decision theory barfs on this due to an infinite recursion.

Well of course it does !!
Tthe Law of Diminishing Returns must apply.
Infinite recursion will always be systemically limited by Quantum rules.
Limiting factor will be H-bar (Planck's Constant over Pie-squared), as usual.
(ref - 6.626 x 10**-34 Joule seconds divided by 2 *pie)

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