Re: "Boy with Incredible Brain"

From: Philip Goetz (
Date: Fri Mar 24 2006 - 08:16:09 MST

On 3/22/06, Eliezer S. Yudkowsky <> wrote:
> About the problem of maintaining
> With regards to the foveal focus,
> two stacks; the right brain can
> his eyes, if offset in exactly the
> learn to read, it does so in some
> right way, needn't cause words to
> left-handed people and also, IIRC,
> overlap one another or superpose in
> in some cases of *early* brain
> his vision; perhaps his left eye,
> damage, that is, you can train
> as it scans text on the left page
> your right brain to read if
> of the book, is offset slightly to
> you start early enough. So it's
> the right in its saccades, so that
> possible that both his left brain
> the text read by the left eye appears
> and right brain are reading
> in the right field of vision, which
> independently.
> projects to the left hemisphere.

Saccades move the eyeball and the retina, so they can't change where
on the retina the focused-on text projects to. The only place with
enough resolution to discern letters is the fovea, and the fovea projects to
both right and left hemispheres. (The "right field of vision" projected
to the left hemisphere overlaps some with the "left field of vision",
which is projected to the right hemi.)

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