Unemotional posts taken as emotional

From: Richard Loosemore (rpwl@lightlink.com)
Date: Thu Mar 23 2006 - 12:25:58 MST

I need to add, before misunderstandings go any further, that the final
postscriptum in my last post was not IN ANY WAY directed at Michael Vassar.

[And I stand by what I said (the word "asinine" was perhaps a little
strong, but I would argue that it was appropriate). The overall comment
was not rude or offensive, it was an observation, and it is an important
facet of the posts that have appeared on this list, entirely relevant to
discussions about normative reasoning, Bayesian inference and
rationality. If anyone would like to see the posts in question, and see
my analysis of them, so we can debate whether the hypocrisy I referred
to has indeed been happening, please let me know.]

More generally:

Would people please STOP assuming that everything I write is emotional
and angry .... I have had several comments come out of the blue in the
last few months, asking me to be less emotional in situations where I
have shown no emotion or anger. I find myself completely bemused by
these comments!

I can only assume that this stems from the ONE incident last year when,
under extreme provocation, I responded to a very deliberate, unambiguous
set of offensive insults by writing back in kind. Somehow, as a result
of this one incident, people have started to associate any words that I
write as coming from an angry keyboard. Simply not true.

Look again at anything I have written, and see if it is possible to
imagine it written dispassionately, by someone who doesn't hesitate to
say that he disagrees when he does disagree, but who then argues his
case without being personal or angry. If you find that it is possible
to read my messages as if they came from such a neutral person, then

Richard Loosemore.

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