Re: THEODORE MODIS critique of S.I.N.

From: Richard Loosemore (
Date: Tue Mar 21 2006 - 08:03:42 MST

Oh, blast: it has just been pointed out to me that I should not try to
make infinite mathematics jokes before I have had my morning cup of tea.

A grid of angels is _of course_ still only aleph null.

[Crawls back into hole with nice hot cup of tea]

Richard Loosemore

Richard Loosemore wrote:
>> AI as we discuss it here is so far beyond what people were thinking
>> about 400 years ago that it is
>> as useless to speculate about the response to it
>> as it is to speculate about how many angels (who
>> have no physical form) can fit on the point of a
>> pin (which has no dimension). [That's the proper
>> form that most people misstate as "how many angels
>> can dance on the head of a pin"].
>> DRN
> Hey, no problem: are the angels standing side by side, or are they
> arranged in ranks? Answer is aleph null if the former, aleph one if the
> latter.
> I am assuming that angels, being discrete, are enumerable.
> Or have I got my alephs in a twist?
> ;-)
> Richard Loosemore

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