[sl4-meta] Re: JOIN: Dirk Bruere

From: Kevin Osborne (kevin.osborne@gmail.com)
Date: Mon Mar 13 2006 - 00:41:11 MST

one idea:

if posts get moderated pre-mailout: any chance said moderator can
prepend 'sl4-phil' or 'sl4-nano' or 'sl4-rant' (etc) to each candidate
post that they review and judge as belonging to a given post bucket?

if posts don't get moderated pre-mailout: posters can prepend their
own prefixes (e.g. '[sl4-meta]' above, and existing moderators - or
new precious souls adjudged as master-of-said-bucket - can then snipe
anyone who tries to sneak a bit of *insert-shoddy-wishwash-here* into
a discussion of *insert-serious-browfurrowing-material-here*

then: those not disposed to view subjects they see as a waste of
breath (or beneath them, or
insert-symptom-of-mild-dyssocial-disorder-here) can just filter
whichever '[sl4-imbecilic]' they'd like to see given a good bollocking
in their spam folder.

> Generally, this list isn't a place for "Transhumanist discussion".
question: any tips on where to go for such discussion? my friday-night
posts tend to lap up a bit of such, possibly due to a few beers after
work, so I'd like to maybe find out about where I can have a bit of a
drunken rant to satisfy my wont :-)

also, something in me cringes when we start staking out 'hallowed
ground' in terms of 'don't walk on the grass' coversational no-no's.
smacks way too much of self-censorship, and the general boomer-whinge
malaise of being too past it to have an energetic and/or valid grasp
of the issues anymore while still being possessed of idea-snuffing
disparagement skills of the first order, honed over years of
self-satisfying cynicism. mocking, putdowns and 'crazy people/idiots'
vents can give great satisfaction - no arguments there - but there is
as good a chance as any that we're all biased narrow-minded hacks so a
bit of devil's advocate spice might well do some good. where would we
be without well-spoken advocates of positions we despise? lacking some
good healthy roughage I suspect.

that said, it's your list people, and you'll take your tonka truck and
go home sulking at your own behest; My brethren (if such exist!) and I
are little, little people and shall cringe appropriately at the
wielding of your mighty meta-sword :-)

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