Re: Friendliness not an Add-on

From: turin (
Date: Mon Mar 06 2006 - 00:29:15 MST

<What I've just said makes the argument for friendliness verifiers<easier. However, I'm not on the side of the verifiers - I think there<is absolutely no hope of being able to formally verify anything about<the results of a proposed course of action in the world. Given any<formal system to prove actions benign, I could make it prove any set<of actions benign by rigging the perceptual system that connected the<action representations with their real-world semantics. Besides<which, decades of experience shows that systems with provable<properties are useless in the real world.- PhilExactly so. This is why I think Turing and later Bill Hibbard are smart to say SIA needs to be built through reinforcement learning especially at a human level

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