Proving the Impossibility of Stable Goal Systems

From: Peter Voss (
Date: Sun Mar 05 2006 - 15:37:14 MST



Have you seriously considered putting focused effort into proving that
practical self-modifying systems can *not* have predictably stable goal


I don't recall specific discussion on that point.


I mention 'practical' here, because one must then assume live interaction
with the world, finite processing power, plus a number of other constraints.


I strongly suspect that such a proof would be relatively simple. (Obviously,
at this stage you don't agree with this sentiment).


Naturally the implication for SIAI (and the FAI/AGI community in general)
would be substantial.





PS. Off the top of my head, I would imagine that the following
considerations may be included:


- Any practical high-level AGI has to use its knowledge to interpret (and
question?) its given goals


- Such a system would gain improved knowledge from interactions with the
real world. The content of this knowledge and conclusions reached by the AGI
are not predictable.


- By the nature of its source of information, much knowledge would be based
on induction and/or statistics, and be inherently fallible.


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