Re: Self improvement in the human brain was Re: DNA as a measure of brain complexity

From: BillK (
Date: Sun Feb 26 2006 - 12:38:44 MST

On 2/26/06, Michael Roy Ames wrote:
> That is the great thing about science - it does not rely on whether claims
> seem true, but on evidence indicating they correspond well with reality. The
> literature clearly supports my post - if you are skeptical then go check it
> out. When the choice is between anecdotal evidence and scientific result,
> I'll go with science every time.
> Anecdotes aside, one would expect adults to have an easier time learning a
> language than children as they have a greater ability to organize their
> learning, already have another language to draw analogies with, and the
> ability to use a dictionary. Adults can use their greater experience to
> advantage.

Wikipedia says that the case is nowhere near as clear cut as you make
out. There is apparently an ongoing debate. Supporters of the
'Critical Period' theory, up to age 12 years, are still plentiful.

Especially the section on 'Summary of Critical Period Research to date'

Also of interest:


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