RE: Taking a rest from thinking about AGI stuff

From: pdugan (
Date: Wed Feb 22 2006 - 09:56:24 MST

You can definelty fry your brain thinking about this stuff if you're merely a
genuis and not a super genuis whose been educating and focusing himself to the
task for years.

My solution is to approach the problems of user interaction and interactive
storytelling, as they're pretty interesting, near-term profitable, and involve
a lot of the similar concepts, but greatly scaled down. Stochastic AI is
fascinating, but progamming and managing a Stochastic AGI is another order of
magnitude more complex.

Patrick Dugan

>===== Original Message From Marc Geddes <> =====
>Opps. Looks like I may have put my foot in my mouth
>again on the Extropy list.
>Look, it's well known I strongly disagree with the
>Sing Inst approach, but Brian Atkins , Eliezer etc
>deserve historical recognition for all their vision
>and hard work. I apologise for any and all offensive
>remarks about the Singualrity Institute and co.
>Eli did bring some of the bad comments on himself you
>know. In the old days he and Wilson made remarks
>about many other people that were abusive and
>defamatory. I really got the impression they'd like
>to shoot all the other AI researchers and hobbyists in
>the world. I notice they've stopped denouncing
>everyone ele's ideas but I'm not sure there's been any
>real change of heart.
>Any way, it just doesn't pay to argue. Every one's
>gonna go full steam ahead and do it their own way you
>know, not matter how much time you spend screaming and
>Look, all that stuff about me trying to beat 'em and
>launch an AGI soon was just me crapping of course. I
>was pissed at their earlier nastiness. I am NOT in
>fact EVER going to try launching my own AGI. Like I
>said earlier on the list, I'm not really crazy you
>Any way, I'm exhausted and shattered from thinking
>about all the AGI stuff. Way way way way too hard. I
>had no idea. Sado-Masochism really man. Will give it
>a rest and move on to something else. My advise to
>other hobbyists thinking about giving it a go: Just
>forget it. Like I said, I'm bowing out for the
>See ya round.
>"Till shade is gone, till water is gone, into the shadow with teeth bared,
screaming defiance with the last breath, to spit in Sightblinderís eye on the
last day
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