Re: Psychopathic Uploads and other SIs

From: Simon McClenahan (
Date: Thu Feb 16 2006 - 22:28:30 MST

on 2/16/2006 5:11 PM turin said the following:
> Is the friend the slave, the person who does everything you say, then we just make brain dead SI, like a hammer. Or does the friend present opposition, and if so, what is acceptable opposition? When we speak of friends we are speaking of other people, if we do not consider SI people or do not think that the concept of the person is important in relationship to SI, we shouldn't use the word friendly at all in reference to SI.

What would an intelligent human do? Do you say "Hello" to a pet dog?
Does a pet dog bark "hello" or "go away" to you? What about a tasty
looking cow?

Slightly related, I just saw the hit Broadway musical Wicked (in
Chicago). I won't give away the plot, other than it's remarkable how the
witch who tries to do good and desperately wants to be a friend can be
labeled wicked when presenting opposition to the norm.

In other words, I think that friendly behavior is a relative term
(relative to the recipient of the friendliness). No good without evil,
ying-yang, and all that stuff. Then if you want to get deeper into it,
you might discover that all conflict arises from division or
categorization, hence the school of thought that to be happy (or
intelligent) you must remove that division that labels define (friendly
and unfriendly, slave and master) and become one and whole. It shouldn't
matter if we have computer-augmented humans, or human-augmented
computers, to create an intelligence, AGI or SI. It's removing that
division which is the current challenge.

- Simon

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