RE: Singularity Institute: Likely to win the race to build GAI?

From: Peter Voss (
Date: Wed Feb 15 2006 - 15:00:08 MST

I agree with Ben, and would like to mention an even more fundamental issue:

Over years of discussion if have also not heard convincing arguments that
idea of a "verifiable FAI" makes sense, and/or is at all possible. For
example, FAI inherently requires a dynamic goal structure (ie. not
pre-defined) operating in unpredictable environment.

I don't have time to enter into the debate (to busy actually building AGI),
but just wanted to stress that not everyone here buys into some of these
basic assumptions.

Another assumption that I don't share is that "normal" AGI is likely to be
"Unfriendly" - ie. detrimental to us.

Peter Voss

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Eli> You can't "add Friendliness". It adds requirements like determinism
and verifiability to the entire architecture. It rules out entire classes
of popular AI techniques, like evolutionary programming,

I have never seen you give a convincing argument in favor of this point,
though I have heard you make it before.


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