Mathmatical analysis of Timewave theory

From: pdugan (
Date: Sun Feb 12 2006 - 14:02:10 MST

A few individuals have decided that Terrence Mckenna's insistences of
rationality on his timewave theory were worth investing a bit of time, the
results were Watkin's objection:

And a later critique by another mathmatician, which continues where Watkins
left off:

>From what I gather from these texts is that if one is not so slavish to a 2012
date for the singularity the model can possibly be consistent. For instance,
if the singularity happened a decade later, in 2022, I wouldn't be suprised if
a model indicating such a time-frame were found to be consisten. The 2012 date
comes from a top-down model from an ancient society which, while rather
advanced in math and basic sciences, is still drafting a top-down model based
on cultural and mythic biases. I suggest 2022 as a likely date because I see
the acceleration and convergence of research threads making the singularity
more likely every year, but stranger coincidences have occured.

   Patrick Dugan

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