Re: JOIN: Joshua Fox

From: Russell Wallace (
Date: Tue Feb 07 2006 - 10:40:03 MST

On 2/7/06, Richard Loosemore <> wrote:
> Who said the snipers would ONLY object to neoconservative politics? I
> was pointing out that they will not allow *any* partisan discussion of
> politics, and what you produced resembled a right-wing rant.

And what I'm pointing out is that I mentioned no political party, nor any
present-day political organization other than the European Union, nor did I
otherwise engage in any form of partisan politics. (As it happens I'm a
libertarian, but this isn't about promoting the libertarian agenda.)

It seems that these "neoconservatives" you have make you angry, and that
whenever anyone says something a neoconservative has previously said, this
triggers your anger again. I suggest that you rely less on your anger and
more on your faculty of reason, because when a member of the
neoconservatives or some other hated group says something, reality does not
magically alter itself to edit out that thing just to prove $hated_group
wrong. Reality doesn't care whether a political group is right or wrong.
When $hated_group says the sky is blue, it doesn't turn green overnight.
When $hated_group says nuclear war is a potential danger, the world's
stockpiles of fissionable material do not spontaneously convert themselves
into cheddar cheese. Any serious thinking about existential risks has to
start by taking that on board.

- Russell

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