Re: AGI Reproduction?

From: Rick Geniale (
Date: Fri Feb 03 2006 - 12:27:59 MST


I can understand your worries. But I can truly assure you that these
Think about that: we have publicy announced to have an AGI one year ago
(we have made no secret).
But nobody has believed us (I also understand this). We came in the US
two times (Palo Alto and Washington) to encounter US people, companies
and institutions to try to propose our technology.
Believe me: we think that US IS THE RIGHT PLACE IN WHICH WE WANT TO
We are Occidental people.
We believe in democracy.
We know the world.

More to follow... (tomorrow - here in Italy it's 8,30 pm).

> Rick,
> I wasn't directing this opinion specifically at RGE Corp. I truly
> hope that you do possess a friendly AGI, but I cannot conclude that
> you do based on your claim alone. I am anxious to hear reports from
> the first demonstrations. Whatever the case, I still believe my post
> below represents a valid strategy.
> Jeff
> */Rick Geniale <>/* wrote:
> If this message is related to the work of RGE Corp., you can be
> quite.
> You don't have to worry about our work.
> We don't have any ambition of power and control (this is not in our
> interest). We want only to create positive
> technologies and we want open and share them. We will practically
> demonstrate this. You can be sure of that.
> More to follow ... Wait and see.
> Jeff Herrlich wrote:
> >
> > As a fallback strategy, the first *apparently* friendly AGI
> > should be duplicated as quickly as possible. Although the first AGI
> > may appear friendly or benign, it may not actually be so
> (obviously),
> > and may be patiently waiting until adequate power and control have
> > been acquired. If it is not friendly and is concerned only with its
> > own survival, the existence of other comparably powerful AGIs could
> > somewhat alter the strategic field in favor of the survival of at
> > least some humans.
> >
> >
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