[aside] humor clarification

From: Richard Loosemore (rpwl@lightlink.com)
Date: Thu Feb 02 2006 - 08:30:58 MST

My previous comment:

Richard Loosemore wrote:

> ....As I have said in previous discussions, the
> difference between C/C++ for an undergraduate project and C/C++ for a
> dirty real world system involving 5000 code files written by a couple
> hundred people who don't work for the company anymore, is the difference
> between knowing how to count to ten in French, and knowing that you
> can't say "Un petit baiser...?" to a French girl and expect her to not
> to wallop you, because the dictionary is lying when it says that
> "baiser" means "kiss."

.. was only meant to be humorous exaggeration, btw, not meant as an
insult to people who have written large undergraduate C/C++ projects.

[I'm learning to crawl inside the fire-proof flame blanket early these
days, as you can see].


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