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Date: Mon Jan 30 2006 - 17:50:57 MST

On 1/28/06, mike99 <> wrote:
> A good source for the information you seek is wikipedia's "List of cognitive
> biases" ==

Wow. Nice page.

I found this linked from one of the child pages there (I forget which):

I find it's a good summary of many different types of bias, and it
includes brief blurbs about the experiments that have confirmed these
effects. It goes on to talk about self-perception theory, too. The
information is largely in Wikipedia (and less complete), but all on
one page.

> Along with the dozens of cognitive biases listed and briefly explained on
> that page, there is the following list of useful references, including the
> indispensable Nobel laureate Daniel Kahneman:

[snip books]

Ahh, I should probably look into these. Too bad they're not on the
internet. :-( It's also a shame I don't live within an hour of a good
library. :-( :-(

Chris Capel

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