Re: Syllabus for Seed Developer Qualifications [WAS Re: Some considerations about AGI]

From: Russell Wallace (
Date: Sun Jan 29 2006 - 20:13:45 MST

On 1/30/06, Marieke Willis <> wrote:
> > Marieke:
> >> I'd rather teach a brilliant person math/programming than teach them
> >> how to communicate, self-control, emotional stability, etc.
> >
> Russell:
> > That only works if the person is willing to do what it takes to learn
> > math/programming. If you find someone who has communication ability,
> > self-control, emotional stability etc, that usually implies they've
> > had more
> > common sense than to spend years of their lives sitting in a basement
> > staring at a computer screen; and if they weren't willing to do that
> > before, they're probably not willing to do it now.
> And vice versa.

Which is why I said if you rely on finding both in one person, you may be
waiting some time.

Difference is that math and programming are a lot
> easier to learn than all that (inter)personal stuff, provided the
> person is sufficiently bright, of course.

At the level of "I can do calculus and program in Java", sure. At the level
required for serious AGI work... er, no.

Just the person realizing
> that (inter)personal skills are extremely important in having the
> project succeed would be a good start already. Too many geniuses lack
> that awareness though.

Well I'm not saying acquiring people skills isn't a good thing, only that
for something like this, it's not realistic to demand candidates possess
them in addition to the required technical skills.

- Russell

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