Re: Identity and becoming a Great Old One

From: Russell Wallace (
Date: Fri Jan 27 2006 - 18:58:19 MST

On 1/28/06, Michael Clark <> wrote:
> I question wether significant personal survival is possible (to the
> present us), the thread view has the problem of sleep, and the pattern
> view has the problem of change. Self awareness may just be an illusion, an
> evolved mechanism for conventional situations. I wonder how our sense of
> self awareness would have evolved if duplication, merging, transfer etc
> were in our environment.

It wouldn't have.

Yes a loop where you change is what I meant, since we're vectors, not
> points. If change is bad, I would think we should take it to it's logical
> extreme (perhaps from birth to now looped, or a day).

If we're going to get from birth to now looped, can I at least pick some
sections to fast-forward over please? :)

> "Perfect" and "utopia" are rather vague concepts, I think I'd need to
> > see a
> > more detailed proposal for one before I could really comment on it.
> A niven scenario, that would be fun! That is a fairly static society.

You mean the UN thought police world up to the point where the kzinti did
humanity the very great service of providing an external enemy? Yep, fun in
the "dystopia with slow agonizing descent (since there probably aren't any
kzinti in our universe) into an existential disaster of the Shriek variety"
sense - unfortunately, that strikes me as one of the more probable failure
modes for our world.

- Russell

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