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Link to Santiago, Chilean paper:
  Google translation:
Been Canadian scientist in Chile
Blog announced suicide by his: three days later it was found dead
  Tuesday 24 of January of 2006
   This is the photo of Christopher McKinstry: blog belongs to his.
Christopher McKinstry was an eminence of the artificial intelligence, according to a Chilean colleague.
  A discussion with its pair, that was not identified, according to police sources, would have gatillado the fatal decision of a specialistic scientist in the development of the artificial intelligence, the computer science sicólogo and Canadian Christopher McKinstry (38).
  Sources of office of the public prosecutor indicated that the body of the professional was found at noon of yesterday - in its department of the street Favor 250 -, after that the person who does the cleanliness in the place smelled a strong scent to gas, reason why called to Customs officers. When entering the house, the uniformed ones found the body of McKinstry thrown in the ground of the kitchen.
  The Canadian citizen was dressed and had putting a plastic stock market in his head, from which he left a hose that was connected to the pipe of the gas.
  The persistent inhalation, according to the first investigations, would have caused the death to him.
  According to it declared his Chilean pair, of which it was only said that it was 36 years old, last Friday had a serious discussion due to economic and domestic problems, after which McKinstry left its department located in street Company - to which they had been transferred does few weeks whereas the one of Favor was for sale. From that day, it broke away from enemy with him.
  McKinstry - that had announced its suicide in its Blog, by means of appointments it had studies advanced in the area of the artificial intelligence and had created a called computer GAC (General Artificial Consciousness) with which worked to create a form to think about robots.
  Daniel Twisterwand, which he worked with the victim of a murder in the elaboration of software for the producer "Red Films", where they worked more ago of a year, indicated that their near ones very were affected by the happened thing. "Chris was an eminence in artificial intelligence", said.
  Public prosecutor Lorena Kanacri, said that although the investigations speak of a suicide, still lack to investigate why near the body of the Canadian there was blood.
  A little its short life
  According to the published thing in the Wikipedia (, McKinstry was born the 12 of February of 1967 in Winnipeg, Canada, and would have been operator of telescope VLT, in Paranal hill, that depends on the Austral European Observatory. He appears mentioned like an investigator in artificial intelligence and founding of the Mindpixel project, that finished the last month. He was known by his outlandish sayings on technology. Its track can also be followed in the Web in revisions and book suggestions in Amazon and in misceláneas conversations on the operation of telescopes or its extraterrestrial life expectancies
  ( Semblanza biographical in Wikipedia even mentions both postings appeared in the Web respect to its intentions of suicide in The last one said: "Why I am writing this? Only with registry intentions, to demonstrate that I am here and more ahead than all you. Time to start off."

David McFadzean <> wrote:
    Chris McKinstry of Mindpixel fame committed suicide on Jan 23.

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