My definitions of Intelligence, Consciousness, Mathematics and Universal Values

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Date: Fri Jan 20 2006 - 01:56:17 MST


"In the most general sense of the term, intelligence
is actually the ability to form accurate causal models
of reality. So this is my definition. Intelligence is
the ability to accurately model cause and effect

This definition is more general than just prediction.
That's because 'causality' doesn't just mean
functional (or physical) cause and effect. There are
several different levels of cause and effect that need
to be modelled for full intelligence. Aside from
physical causality, there is also volitional (or
intentional) causality and also mathematical (or
logical) causality.

Based on this, here's my attempt a slighly more
expanded definition of intelligence:

Intelligence is the ability to form accurate causal
models of reality. This is the ability to make
accurate predictions about functional systems, the
ability to accurately model how volitional agents can
most effectively achieve goals and finally, the
ability to integrate different kinds of knowledge into
a single explanatory framework. To sum up,
intelligence is:

The ability to make accurate predictions
The ability to achieve goals with optimal efficiency
The ability to integrate knowledge"


"Qualia (conscious experiences) are both the
underlying substance of reality itself and 'Events' on
the Mathematical time-line - or processes in
multi-dimensional time. Qualia (conscious experience)
are built-up out of all of the processes which make up
an integrated mind."

'Events' on the mathematical time-line (or Qualia) are
causal relationships between combinations of Functions
(models of physical systems) and Memes (models of
sentient behavior). Such 'Events' are equivalent to
the fabric of reality itself (Mathematico-Cognition),
a hybrid of Physical, Volitional and Mathematical

Therefore mathematical 'Events' are processes in
multi-dimensional time. The interaction of platonic
mathematical objects (functions, memes and sets)
manifests itself as physical, volitional and
mathematical properties and conscious experience

A technical paper providing strong evidence for
3-dimensional time:

This is very recent (late 2005):

"This paper will interpret quantum physics by using
two extra dimensional time as quantum hidden
variables. I'll show that three dimensional time is a
bridge to connect basics quantum physics, relativity
and string theory. ``Quantum potential'' in Bohm's
quantum hidden variable theory is derived from
Einstein Lagrangian in 6-dimensional time-space
geometry. Statistical effect in the measurement of
single particle, non-local properties, de Broglie wave

can be naturally derived from the natural properties
of three dimensional time."



*Causal models of mathematics:

"Sets too have a dual-aspect. A Set can be both a
logical property of the Platonic world and a temporal
property. As a logical property the Set represents a
static mathematical object existing in platonic
reality. But as a temporal property the Set represents
a *model* of a mathematical object. This is proposed
to be equivalent to the underlying substance of
reality itself - Mathematico-Cognition. Curiously then
, this last property (the 'Set' as a Temporal
property) is in some sense equivalent to (or contains)
all the other properties (including itself!), since
all properties in reality are manifestations of

*Universal Values

"The idea here is that the one thing a conscious mind
must value (if it values anything at all), is the
continuation of consciousness itself (since value
comes from consciousness). This is not an objective
basis for values, but it is a universal one.

To summarize, the ultimate imperative (if the scheme
is correct), appears to be 'maintain the existence of
the universe', which is apparently achieved through
the integration and growth of knowledge (ultimately
the integration of physical, volitional and
mathematical properties)

There are 3 temporal domains - the Physical,
Volitional and Mathematical. When considering a mind
which is modeling each of these domains there are 3
aspects to which value (or utility) could be assigned
- *reality* itself (events in the external world), the
*model* of reality and *qualia* (conscious
experiences). A table of 9 'Universal Utilities' is
implied. Utilities which are 'good' are those that
maximally enable the growth, integration and
self-reflection of knowledge because this is what
maintains existence itself and also consciousness
(recall that the underlying fabric of reality itself -
Mathematico-Cognition - was proposed to be equivalent
to Qualia - conscious experience)."

Definitions based on published abstract summary of
'The Mathematico-Cognition Reality Theory'
(by mjgeddes - *updated*):

We've got a couple of canaries on the SL4 list
unfortuantely. Come on Wilson and Yudkowsky,
swallow your pride. You've got to swallow your pride.
 Admit someone knows more than you do.

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I'm starting to enjoy this...

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