Re: No More Searle Please

From: Daniel Radetsky (
Date: Thu Jan 19 2006 - 00:42:04 MST

On Thu, 19 Jan 2006 02:10:31 -0500
micah glasser <> wrote:

> consciousness is first person and subjective therefor there
> can be no objective, i.e verifiable, test for its existence.

That doesn't mean we can never have evidence that X is conscious.

> It does not follow that if a UTM can pass a Turing test then it is not
> intelligent.

I don't think that anyone would ever hold that. Searle believes that UTMs are
not intelligent, but not because they can pass a Turing test. What is being
critiqued it whether or not passing the Turing test is sufficient for

> Turing's test still stands. Any machine that can pass a Turing test will
> have human level intelligence and human level intelligence of this kind is
> indistinguishable from the intelligence of a human being - whether that
> human being is a zombie or not.

If by intelligence you mean "ability to pass the Turing test," then I agree
with you. But what is at stake is human-like (not human-level) intelligence, or
understanding. It sounds like you're saying that passing the Turing Test is
sufficient for understanding. Whether or not you buy Searle's whole argument, I
think he knocks that claim down pretty definitively.


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