Blog post on Searle and Kurzweil's response

From: Tennessee Leeuwenburg (
Date: Wed Jan 18 2006 - 22:20:26 MST

Hi all,

I know there is a general encouragement of people to blog on sl4 topics,
the Singularity, etc etc. For that reason I chose to respond to the
current topic in the form of a blog post rather than an email
contribution to the list.

I wonder if one way to stimulate publicity and/or blog postings in order
to get the message out there might not be for people to specifically
flag when an email contribution is "deemed blog-worthy". One of the
reasons I don't blog more on sl4 is that (a) I'm not very interested in
pushing SL4-101 onto the public, and (b) I'm not sure when my
contributions are valuable or just mediocre / self-educational.

Just my 2c....


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