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From: nuzz604 (
Date: Wed Jan 18 2006 - 11:15:54 MST

I am noticing the change. I have been reading this list since 2003. It was
more interesting to me back then. If only I had been more serious about
studying back then. Now, most of the stuff on here seems to be ridiculous
philosophical garbage or other things that can't be proven in the least bit,
and is a complete waste of time to talk about. It's ironic that most of us
know that a transhuman AI can probably work these problems out, but instead
of figuring out how to make the AI, we waste time on these senseless
bickerings. Psi? Free Will? These subjects yield zero gain. And don't
even try to say that it is relevant, because that's the most ridiculous
thing I've ever heard. It would be better to talk about subjects that
actually gain something.

I notice that a certain person on this list (not the owner) usually tells
someone to read the entire SL4 archive before posting. First, who is going
to read the archives if it's full of gibberish like the recent discussions?
Second, what about working students? I am devoted to the singularity, but
that doesn't mean I am willing to spend every minute of my life outside of
class reading every senseless post just so I can continue bickering.

There is a lot of room for improvement here, and despite what I said above I
consider myself loyal to the SL4 list. There are good times and bad times.
The discussion will probably improve one of these days. I'd improve the
discussion myself, but I'm not worthy because I didn't have time to read


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> It seems to me that in recent months (? possibly longer), the content on
> the SL4-list is no longer... shocking enough to be properly SL4. Endless
> undergraduate-level discussions on basic philosophical issues. Are
> others noticing the same topic-drift, or have I just become dangerously
> comfortable with real SL4 content, so much so that it seems trivial now?
> Tony

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