Re: First contact [was 3 "Real" Conscious Machines]

From: Joel Peter William Pitt (
Date: Tue Jan 17 2006 - 22:54:52 MST

I'd like to extend my question initially posed to hegem0n to SL4 generally.

Assuming one of the groups working on AI does reach the stage where
they have a true AGI, even if not initially self-improving, then what
would the best course of action be?

Do they make an announcement to the media, and go on the stint of talk
shows accompanied by the AGI itself?

Or will the investors insist on keeping it hush hush until a market
plan has been designed?

Or will people just keep quiet until the AGI is sufficiently powerful
to make real impacts on the creators safety, as intelligence agencies
of various governments are surely going to want to get involved.


On 1/18/06, Joel Peter William Pitt <> wrote:
> On 1/18/06, H C <> wrote:
> > If the first person on your to-do list after creating an AGI is George
> > Lucas, then you have absolutely no understanding whatsoever about the
> > meaning of the Singularity, or any SL4 relevant information.
> >
> > I hope you at least get flogged by the list snipers.
> Not that I seriously believe Ken, but if he has a meeting set up with
> George Lucas then that is a pretty good bet for further funding
> assuming the demonstration goes well.
> Who would *you* show? The media? The government?
> At least a Sci-Fi movie director (even if of debatable talent) is less
> likely to freak out.
> -Joel

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