Re: Human extinction

From: Russell Wallace (
Date: Tue Jan 17 2006 - 10:30:15 MST

On 1/17/06, Keith Henson <> wrote:
> If you stated it that way, sure. But this is a hypothetical *medical*
> gadget, in some places it is the only medicine you can get. It doesn't
> disintegrate your body or anything, it just runs a simulation updating
> your
> meat memories in real time while your body is being repaired. I think you
> would be amazed at how few people would turn down nanotech medicine of
> this
> type where the interface was just a door you walked through.

Well, but that's Singularity-level technology you're talking about. It's
well above the tech level that would be required to enable a few million
stragglers to maintain themselves at whatever level of comfort they chose.

Japan may actually do this on the birth rate crash alone.

And Europe, and Russia, and pretty much all developed countries. But even
with the population halving every generation, 99% loss is six or seven
generations - that was why I was surprised at you suggesting it could happen
as early as 2050.

- Russell

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