Re: Supporting civilization

From: sam kayley (
Date: Tue Jan 17 2006 - 07:28:02 MST

From: "Dani Eder" <>
> Kieth said:
> > Without *serious* physical support from AIs or
> > similar level automation it
> > would rapidly become very hard to live in the
> > physical world in any
> > comfort.
With low population density levels, the modern way of life becomes less
practical. Subsistence farming or for even lower population density levels
hunting/gathering becomes more viable. People who object to advanced
'unnatural' technology such as uploading, eg religious groups like the amish
are also more likely to want/be willing to put up with a preindustrial

Existing settlements would be unviable, but with land freed up, new villages
would form.
> High levels of automation are already occurring.
> Manufacturing
> productivity has doubled in 13 years:
> John Deere is developing robotic farm tractors:
> If we have a couple of decades before people disappear
> 'down the rabbit hole', then the physical
> infrastructure
> will be able to support us. Besides, what's to
> prevent
> people from managing the world from inside the
> simulation?
> Heck, some people play games now that simulate
> managing
> a civilization. I would expect some people would enjoy
> running the real world even if they live in a sim.

There is a story in that somewhere :)

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