Re: The definitive short demolition of materialism (Was: Everything I know is wrong )

From: Mike Dougherty (
Date: Wed Jan 04 2006 - 21:17:17 MST

It was really only one point. Ok, several closely related points. Ok, a
set of closely related whole points and a bounded subset of real points
combined to create the line segment AB. And really the measure of AB was in
fact, quite short.

Personally I feel it is a failure of language that so many words are
required to increase the likelihood that a thought is conveyed from brain A
to brain B. The more complex the thought, the more lossy is language at
conveying it - so to ensure a quality transmission of an idea, a lower
transmission rate is required to cover all the preamble/overhead/checksum
overhead on both the sender and the receiver. It's interesting to think
about this. Once human wetware is running on improved hardware, it may
become possible to share ideas coherently and realize permutations similar
to the way XML is transformed via XSLT or HTML is styled with CSS. Sorry if
that's not currently clear, my world involves these technologies so they are
available models.

Is/was there already a thread about the mechanics of how thought is
generated and transmitted?

On 1/4/06, Matt Arnold <> wrote:
> That e-mail was the longest short thing I've ever seen.
> -Matt

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