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Date: Tue Jan 03 2006 - 15:26:28 MST

Phil, I think your interesting hypothesis is worth exploring. There are a
few signal sources in the ULF and lower-ELF range (capable of easily
penetrating most objects on the Earth, including brains and Faraday cages,
despite the common misinformation that it is blocked by Faraday cages) that
could be involved and that I've been researching for several years. One is
the Schumann resonance [1] of the Earth-ionosphere cavity resonance
(averaging 7.83 Hz). Another is the ambient 10 Hz resonant frequency of the
Earth itself. And another is the global electrical grid (50 and 60 Hz).
Other sources are noted by the peaks on the Spectrum of the Earth-ionosphere
cavity resonances chart [2]. One experiment would be to statistically test
correlations of REG [3] derived data and geophysical data [1]. I've
discussed this with one of the PEAR researchers and hope to do some
experimental biophysics lab work in this area.


Relevance to the Singularity: one question I'm interested in is: what are
the upper bounds in human neural processing speed (and other processing
parameters) in augmented humans and the possible influence of
electromagnetic fields and quantum events on merged human-computer
consciousness, especially if quantum computing is involved? I'm also
exploring critical examinations of the Penrose-Hameroff quantum
consciousness hypothesis. These are questions that will be explored at a
forthcoming conference on "Neuronanotechnology and the preservation of human
consciousness" that I'm assisting in organizing [5]. I'll be discussing a
new book due out in February, The Emerging Physics of Consciousness, by two
of the speakers at that event (as well as Hameroff and others), on, covering this and other related issues. I welcome any
private emails on these subjects.


As for the "our own consciousness is real" hypothesis, I'm not aware of any
supporting evidence or any method of falsifying the hypothesis. :)






- Amara



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How is "having a modality at all to make sense of all of this" weird in any
way. It is the only thing we can be 100% sure of, that our own
consciousness is real. The ONLY thing. The fact that psi cannot be
reproduced using pseudo-random # generators proves we are not psychic.
Consciousness is an EM phenomenom. So is a RNG. This is more weird than
believing in ghosts (which I assume is your explanation. If not, what is?)?
David, I have just told you what psi is.. Why can't this thread die?

  I was supposed to be reading about crystal formation patterns and carbon
nanotube defect densities last night. Instead I spent a few hours
"researching" psi. I figure it out and you tell me my explanation is too
weird? You know whats really weird? Cosmology. Particle streams emitted
by stellar and other cosmic bodies. EM brain waves. Electrical surges.
Earth's magnetic fiel! d. All too weird to be true I guess. And
consciousness? A figment of our "unconsciousness imaginations" I guess.
Someone refute my hypothesis plz. It is the most reasonable explanation of

David Picon Alvarez <> wrote:

> Could it be that consciousness is an electrical phenomenom subject to
the same local-to-earth outside influences (cosmic particles affecting earth
or human body EM fields?) that are very quietly influencing the Random
Number Generators? This seems much more likely than positing psychic powers
and steamrolling General Relativity and/or Quantum Mechanics. No
procognition. But your mind can sense to some limited degree, a solar storm
or a distant past supernovae explosion. Neat.

This would be just as weird and implausible. Generating a number is not
merely a matter of reading a physical magnitude, it requires a degree of
interpretation. For example, to generate numbers from sound you might encode
it as frequency or amplitude, this encoding requires units of reference, of
time, energy, etc. Believing that the mind and the RNG in question, even
when primed from the same source of randomness, would lead to the same
results is highly suspect. Having a modality at all to make sense of those
random data is already weird enough, having one which coincides with the
RNG's is weirder.



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