Re: testing psi

From: David Picon Alvarez (
Date: Tue Jan 03 2006 - 03:34:24 MST

> Could it be that consciousness is an electrical phenomenom subject to
the same local-to-earth outside influences (cosmic particles affecting earth
or human body EM fields?) that are very quietly influencing the Random
Number Generators? This seems much more likely than positing psychic powers
and steamrolling General Relativity and/or Quantum Mechanics. No
procognition. But your mind can sense to some limited degree, a solar storm
or a distant past supernovae explosion. Neat.

This would be just as weird and implausible. Generating a number is not
merely a matter of reading a physical magnitude, it requires a degree of
interpretation. For example, to generate numbers from sound you might encode
it as frequency or amplitude, this encoding requires units of reference, of
time, energy, etc. Believing that the mind and the RNG in question, even
when primed from the same source of randomness, would lead to the same
results is highly suspect. Having a modality at all to make sense of those
random data is already weird enough, having one which coincides with the
RNG's is weirder.


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