Re: testing psi

From: Jef Allbright (
Date: Mon Jan 02 2006 - 15:45:50 MST

On 1/2/06, Phillip Huggan <> wrote:
> Statistics are not science. Psi that cannot be replicated by unbelievers
> suggests some very very specific brain wave patterns or chemical hormonal
> effects are at play and these brain waves should be easy to measure while
> any psi experiment is being undertaken. If believer brain waves (and
> cardiograms and whatever other mind-based physiological effects our modern
> medical instruments are more than sufficient to measure) are no different
> than are unbeliever's, there is no physical basis for psi. If some sort of
> quantum interaction is being postulated, psi should correlate more strongly
> with progressively more quantum target systems, and not at all with purely
> (for all intents and perposes) macro systems. But psi is being used here to
> give evidence for a form of time-travel that is just not possible without
> ripping open a Hawking Singularity. To borrow John's language: This is
> horse-shit!!

I can't be sure about the foregoing, but on reflection, I quite agree
with you culminating statement.

- Jef

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