Re: Actually, Psycholgical Bulletin is a mainstream publication

From: Calvin Ostrum (
Date: Mon Jan 02 2006 - 10:20:26 MST

On 12/31/05, fudley <> wrote:

> > Psychological Bulletin is a journal of the American Psychological
> > Association, (APA) the world's premier publisher of scientific research
> > in the field of psychology. The complete list of APA journals is:

> ... not one of them came out in any of the publications you
> mentioned, not even your new and improved extended list. Then I thought
> maybe I was being unfair, maybe I was being too demanding, so I looked
> at a list of the most cited articles in just the past year in the
> physical sciences, but again, none of your journals could be seen. Then
> I searched for the most cited articles in chemistry and biology in the
> past year and nothing had changed, they had still never heard of any of
> your "journals". Not one.

> Conclusion: Your journals are shit.

It seems like you are saying that all of the journals published
by the APA are "shit". Is that what you really are saying then?

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