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Date: Sun Jan 01 2006 - 13:39:57 MST

On Sun, 01 Jan 2006 "Richard Loosemore" <> said:

> There are some people who say that experimenter fraud is a
> sufficient explanation for *all* parapsychological data.

I would say thatís far too harsh, I donít think experimenter fraud
counts for more than 20%, test subject fraud is about 50%, and juggling
statistics to fool oneself about 30%.

> In other words, it does not matter how well the
> science is done, these people will reject it
> using the simple explanation that the scientist
> who did the work is an outright liar and cheat.
> This explanation can be applied to all the
> data, without exception.

No. Make more money than God predicting the lottery and horse racing and
the stock market and I am wrong and psi is real. Find Osama bin Laden
with remote viewing and I am wrong and psi is real. Or just have real
scientists repeat the pro psi results and have them published in real
science journals, and have those articles cited positively lots and lots
of times in other real science journals and I am wrong and psi is real.

Iíve been frank with you now you be frank with me. What would make you
say I was wrong and there is nothing to psi? Is there any experimental
result that would shake your faith? Anything?
> In fact, there is some empirical evidence that relaxation
> and a carefree attitude are a necessary condition
> for the effect to occur.

Truer words were never spoken! When paraphysiologists test a
professional physic they ALWAYS get a much stronger psi response when
they adopt a carefree attitude toward experimental controls. Gee, I
wonder why?

I always thought it was odd that fortune tellers and such said that for
psi to work there canít be any doubters around. It would make more sense
if the opposite were true, you can experience true psi only if you
think psi is one big load of foul-smelling crap. As soon as youíve had
a positive psi experience and start to think psi is real, it goes away.
If so I must be Psychic as hell.

John K Clark

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