A paranormal prediction for the next year

From: fudley (fuddley@fastmail.fm)
Date: Sun Jan 01 2006 - 11:26:10 MST

Happy New Year all.

I predict that a paper reporting positive psi results will NOT appear in
Nature or Science in the next year. This may seem an outrageous
prediction, after all psi is hardly a rare phenomena, millions of people
with no training have managed to observe it, or claim they have. And I
am sure the good people at Nature and Science would want to say
something about this very important and obvious part of our natural
world if they could, but I predict they will be unable to find anything
interesting to say about it.

You might think my prediction is crazy, like saying a waitress with an
eight’s grade education in Duluth Minnesota can regularly observe the
Higgs boson with no difficulty but the highly trained Physicists at CERN
in Switzerland cannot. Nevertheless I am confident my prediction is true
because my ghostly spirit guide Mohammad Duntoldme spoke to me about it
in a dream.

PS: I am also confident I can make this very same prediction one year
from today.

John K Clark

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