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From: Phillip Huggan (
Date: Sat Dec 31 2005 - 09:18:47 MST

This was my argument for keeping an eye on neurological developments pertaining to whether free will exists in terms of a conscious ability to veto or magnify some borderline action firings. I'm not sure the exact mechanism responsible for this effect, but I think synchronized EM fields are the most visible marker.
  If AGI tiles over Free Will (if we have it), we would notice a very significant quality-of-living decrease. Whereas if it tiles over psi (if it exists), I don't think anyone would lose much.
  I've seen some of the data and it is surprising. I still don't believe in it; I think experimental error is more likely for such an extraordinary assertion. But I know some very strange particle physics and possible cosmology that could be at the root of it. There was mention of reoccuring cycles corresponding to earth days, moon months and solar years. This to me suggests gravitons or some sort of gravity influence is at the root of any decay anomalies. Less likely, perhaps there is a black hole in the oort cloud or some distant cosmic ray effects from the center of the galaxy or from an even more distant source; perhaps these energy sources are being influenced by our orientation around the sun, by the moon's position and by our rotation. E=mc^2. There is way more E than there is m and far more diversity to E too. That is why the simple mechanistic explanation of the process of uploading shocked me so much earlier in the year.
Kaj Sotala <> wrote:
> And come on, guys, even if you're all absolutely right, paranormal activity
> is SL3 at best (let alone arguing over Sue Blackmore's qualifications.) You
> should really take this off-list.
> -TC

However, if paranormal activity really does exist, then it is relevant
to the development of AI. If there truly is something to consciousness
that is beyond our current comprehension, then that aspect does deserve
to be discussed on this list as it will affect AGI development efforts.
Loosemore has, at least in my eye, made convincing enough of a case that
it warrants at least some consideration - while paranormal activity is
still far from proven, it certainly doesn't warrant outright dismissal,

In any case, I believe the judgement of a topic's list-worthiness
belongs to the list owner and the list snipers. Let's leave that
judgement to them.


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