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From: pdugan (
Date: Wed Dec 28 2005 - 23:15:46 MST

That was a very well written essay, not only did it present a fairly solid
case, but it encapsulated alot of diverse ideas, some of them rather SL4, like
the simulation argument expressed at the end. A good way to understand Web 2.0
and sucessive paradigm shifts is to see what sort of economic manuevers go on
in Eve Online and Second Life, in particular. A very good essay on
reputation-based virtual economy can be found here, originally published in
The Escapist:

The author is thinking along SL1 time frames, but he's on the scent of a very
SL4 issue. I think interactive experiences, games, what-have-you, are by their
nature allusive to the singularity, and people who play games should be more
open to digesting SL4 memes. According to some optimists, games are moving
into SL0 territory, or will be in terms of mass market penetration within the
next several years. So what that?

   Patrick Dugan

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>If you read past all the world of warcraft attempts at humor, what the
>author is really talking about is the first steps of humanity into a new
>custom-built reality.
>Is there a Wiki for adding these kinds of links?

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