RE: Free Will debate [WAS Free Will not an illusion. AND impotent disorganized gods?

From: pdugan (
Date: Wed Dec 28 2005 - 18:19:29 MST

>So at the end of the day, I find all debates about consciousness and
>free will are premature. If you want to find out more, do some
>experiments and collect more data, don't rely on pure thought and reasoning.
>Richard Loosemore.

You make a good point, for instance in the case of considering the Fermi
Paradox and the Kardeshev scale, a meditation which assumes no moral bias of
the hypothetical supercivilizations as being "good" or "evil" results in a
cancellation of the relevant factors in to a zero-sum deduction. In other
words, "pure" unbiased reasoning tends to self-cancle, whereas testable
hypotheses are typically biased in and of themselves.

  Patrick Dugan

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