RE: Free Will not an illusion..

From: Phillip Huggan (
Date: Mon Dec 26 2005 - 01:22:38 MST

There are many effective refutations to this argument. The strongest one comes from Global General Relativity Theory. What is your explanation for the big bang? Our best guesses exceed either of our graspings of the physics involved, but none of them postulate a 1st cause. AFAIK they all involve a random fluctuation of some underlying and ever-present background energy source.
You can believe the moon is swiss cheese for all I care and the belief in your brain will not alter the composition of the Moon one bit. But if you are designing an AGI that attempts to maximize human qualities-of living and you fail to recognize the neurological mechanisms I've postulated are responsible for a good deal of our individual happiness's (the ones harnessing limited free-will), the AGI might tile over this brain faculty and you would then be stuck wire-heading or in some other local maxima. Then, the world would be altered for the worse in a very real way.
  John, you are neglecting some very basic feedback mechanisms in your epistemology of logic, regardless of whether or not limited Free Will exists.
fudley <> wrote:
  I donít care if bubble gum effects are responsible for Klognee, I mean
free will. At the end of the day everything, absolutely positively 100%
everything, is due to cause and effect OR it is not.

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