From: Phillip Huggan (
Date: Sat Dec 24 2005 - 17:58:32 MST

Yep, either there aren't any or they are evil. I really doubt advanced civilizations are plentiful enough to admit the latter scenario. But if there are Powers out there, I'm curiouis what other purpose they would construct for their lives other than doing good deeds. What do you mean by respect for heterogeneaity? Do you mean a way to assuage boredom? I've already suggested a way this can be enacted without succombing to evil. The default flow of causality is a meaningless concept if you can control causality. What else does that leave? Our philosophy is actually quite advanced. It isn't fair to shortchange humans by suggesting there is some ethics we couldn't possibly understand. This is hypothesizing epistimological self-actualization, not brain surgery.

pdugan <> wrote: Since there is so much in the natural world that could be judged as evil, its
reasonable to deduce that there are either no transcendant civilizations or
that transcendant civilizations aren't interested in miminalizing evil
throughout the multiverse, out of respect for heterogeneaity, the default flow
of causality, or some other reasoning we don't yet understand.

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