Re: Free Will not an illusion..

From: fudley (
Date: Wed Dec 21 2005 - 23:44:08 MST

Is free will an illusion? I donít much care, illusions are subjective
experiences and I like subjective experiences, in fact they are the only
type I know anything about. But I do know that when Iím thinking about
something I donít know what conclusion I will come up with until I
actually come up with it, because it takes my brain time to process
information. After Iíve finished running the subprogram in my head I say
to myself ďI had a choice to make and I made it, I made a decision with
my own free willĒ.

Are all my decisions based on cause and effect? I like to think so, I
like to think Iím a intelligent man, I like to think there are always
reasons (causes) for me acting the way I do; but if Iím honest with
myself I must admit that sometimes that may not be true, sometimes I may
do thing for no reason at all, in other words sometimes my actions may
be random.

John K Clark

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