Re: Free Will not an illusion

From: David Picon Alvarez (
Date: Wed Dec 21 2005 - 15:07:22 MST

From: "Phillip Huggan" <>
> I never said from the perspective of the multiverse, that a human decision
is more significant than other quantum events (unless humans decide one day
to spawn off their own "universes"). Bad news for you: some level of weird
physics is responsible for consciousness. Our very perception of
consciousness is proof that some form of
> spooky physical effects are at play, though not necessarily the
quantum-mechanical hypothesis I've advanced. To really believe the
Strong-AI position that consciousness is nothing more than computation is
absurd. It suggests an abacus is sentient to some degree and that I can
make people from lego sets.

You're obviously right, the phenomena of life are inherently special an
inaccessible by the normal means of physics and chemistry, it is absurd that
you could create life from mere compounds, by mixing stuff on beakers and
applying proper heat and pressure. A vital essence is obviously required, as
is obvious from the fact that living organisms behave so unlike other
physical and chemical processes.


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