Free Will not an illusion

From: Phillip Huggan (
Date: Fri Dec 16 2005 - 13:29:49 MST

This issue is at the heart of the idea that there is no objective morality; whatever happens, happens. Under the multiverse framework of physics, there is room for some free-will. Such moral agents must be deferred respect so that our local present and future environment is not subject to the same sort of RPOP that turns volumes outside of our future "action-cones" to computronium/orgasmium.

1Arcturus <> wrote: Yes, there is no freewill, or rather, our perception of something we call free will is caused by our inability to understand ourselves perfectly in real-time (there are gaps around our self-monitoring capabilities, our awareness of cause-effects upon ourselves, and a perhaps inevitable time lag even if we could). Our decisions do arise from our minds, but we *are* our minds (our embodied minds), there is nothing else to us. There is no 'homunculus' self inside the mind, separate from it, that would be in any position to contr! ol the rest of it. Even if there is an 'executive control network,' that would be a subset of the total mind, not the total mind itself. Our decisions arise from all of what we are and our total environments. We are not responsible for ourselves - we didn't give rise to ourselves. Even if we decide to modify ourselves, including our minds, it is just an indirect continuation of what we were, what motivated us to
 modify ourselves and in what way. 'We are all Destiny incarnate.'

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