Re: Please Re-read CAFAI

From: Jef Allbright (
Date: Wed Dec 14 2005 - 12:03:56 MST

Micah -

It seems clear to me that it is not possible in practice or principle
to predict an optimum trajectory of advancement of humakind's values,
and that "objective good" is a meaningless term.

I think this discussion is approaching the point of clarifying what we
mean (or think we mean) by such statements.

- Jef

On 12/14/05, micah glasser <> wrote:
> Jef,
> I agree with you that 'good' is nothing more than furthering one's goal
> regardless of what that goal is in one sense. On the other hand might it not
> be possible that there is an objective best trajectory of advancement for
> all of mankind, and would this not be 'the good' in an objective sense? If
> so, then we would want to ensure that the goal of achieving this objective
> good for mankind was also a goal system of an AGI. Also, I would like to
> point out that my thinking is certainly informed by modern cognitive
> psychology and evolutionary psychology. I just think that far to often
> people's philosophical thinking gets mushy because they start trying to
> solve philosophical questions in the same way one would solve a scientific
> problem. It is often good to go back to the great philosophers of yesteryear
> for a refreshing new perspective on present problems of mind.

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