Re: Is furthering your own goals always good? Judged by whom, and for what purpose?

From: 1Arcturus (
Date: Wed Dec 14 2005 - 09:35:26 MST

Re: what morality is all about (at bottom) . . . Just a suggestion - instead of muddling around with Kant's 'Categoricals' (over 200-year old nonsense), or talking about 'good' and 'morality' as if Nietzsche had never been born (100-year old seminal reconceptualization)...
  You should perhaps start at the state of the art: what little is known so far about human behavioral psychology, evolutionary psychology, human ethology, evolution of behaviors (cf. Hull's universal theory for replicators - this ain't your grandpa's 'meme' theory), cultural evolution, history of human cultures, neuroscience related to motivation and behavior, etc.
  Humans don't agree on what is right or wrong today, and much of what they do is different from what they say. Yet there seems to be a ing delusion here that there must be an objective, absolute, bird's-eye/God's-eye-point-of-view 'morality' from which such questions could be decided, and then operationalized in an AI to the benefit of all humanity.
  Very strange... and frankly, old-fashioned, for what is supposed to be cutting-edge discussion.


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