Re: Passive AI

From: P K (
Date: Mon Dec 12 2005 - 09:45:48 MST

>From: Phillip Huggan <>
>No, PAI reduces to a kind of AI Boxing even the most pessimistic would
>agree might actually work. The real question is would the required
>real-world retrictions on potentially dangerous actions be too severe as to
>restrict the PAI from actually being useful. ie) We obviously cannot carry
>out any PAI computer hardware or software tinkering suggestions. I don't
>know if PAI would be singularity useful but it would still be the greatest
>human invention to date.
> If an AGI can be designed that won't fiddle with its own source code
>(one of many "friendly" safeguards), it should be possible to design one
>that won't fiddle with the external world.
> Define PAI as AI Boxing defines all AGI models including FAI as an
>exercise in AI Boxing.

Ah... someone understands.

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