post-singularity motivation (was Re: Re:Passive AI)

From: Phillip Huggan (
Date: Fri Dec 09 2005 - 15:57:28 MST

No argument from me here. An AGI that adds chocolate sprinkles to my ice-cream sundae, or changes my TV channel to a hockey game I didn't know was on, or informs me that there are two lonely ladies currently in a provocative mood a few houses down... these things are fine. I thought you were referring to an AGI that alters my goal structures. Changing my taste-buds, hypnotising me to enjoy a baseball game at the expense of a hockey game; I am worried an AGI would get me addicted to anything ve desires, including my personal identity I would be if I were a "better" person.
  Any happy conscious entity desires the permanence of its own existence. So if ve tiled me to be "better", my "better" self would surely not desire to return to my previous identity. It is an arbitrary distinction valuing the permanence of my less than optimally happy existence over my tiled happy state of affairs to be. But it is precisely this distinction that separates "friendly" AGI from orgasmium or whatever. If all our impending extinction/death risks are taken care of and I have to go get a life, I might want AGI assisted wire-heading or education chip-implants if they weren't addictive and didn't degrade the other pleasures of life I could enjoy. But if there's no diversity on the other side of the singularity I'll take my chances with the human condition. What if my "better" self would've actually wished that I'd not have been tiled "better" at all and the AGI insists on tiling me "better"? Once an AGI cures cancer and gives an appropriately sized bitchslap to all
 the baddies of the world, ve can fuckoff as far as I'm concerned.

David Picon Alvarez <> wrote:
  I see why you'd be adverse to an AI in any way telling you what to do, but I
think this will be an important part of an SAI, telling us what we should do
to get what we really want, versus what we think we want, etc.



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