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From: David Clark (
Date: Fri Dec 09 2005 - 10:23:55 MST

I don't necessarily agree that just criticizing is the most helpful way
people can contribute but as always Marc missed the whole point of my post.
He didn't answer any criticism that I made and instead resorted to personal

I have been working out my own ideas on AI and robots for longer than most
readers of this list have been alive. I currently do have what I consider a
plan to make an AI and I have been working on this design 1/2 time for the
past 2 years. So far, I haven't got past the tool making stage but I
haven't hid my ideas from anyone who might be interested.

For the record, Michael Wilson thinks my AI ideas are simplistic and useless
and Eliezer and Brian Atkins think my ideas on friendliness are reckless and
harmful. I didn't ask Michael to review my AI ideas but his comments were
not constructive, helpful or useful.

We agree to disagree on these points and that is why I seldom post to this
list even though I read almost ever post to it. For people who hold
differing views on some topics, only hostile personal attacks seem to be the
end result.

When I have something constructive to add for everyone's attention, I can
assure you I will share my thoughts. I do send emails privately to people
from the list when I don't think my comments will be welcomed by the whole
list. Maybe a few more people on this list should do the same!

The website that contains my ideas on AI is at
for any that might be interested.

David Clark

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> Accurate criticism is vastly more useful than half-baked
> blue sky theorising. Most people do not have the time and
> the expertise to invent useful AGI/FAI theory, and in
> these cases finding concrete failings in existing work is
> a better allocation of effort than armchair speculation.
> * Michael Wilson

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